Covering Apple in the Enterprise

The Grivet Tools PodcastRyan, Adam, and Jeff are the hard hearted harbingers of Apple technology in the enterprise. The Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and more are coming to the enterprise. In many ways and in may industries, Apple has already happened.

In K-12 and Higher Eduction there has been a ground swell in Apple adoption. The majority of students graduating from college now have chosen the Macintosh computer as their preferred system. These are tomorrows business owners and leaders, and they are going to want their Mac.

In the Grivet-Tools Podcast we, and an occasional guest, discuss the current issues, tools, techniques, and trends for Apple technology in the enterprise environment. We aren’t talking about the newest gadgets here. We are talking about how you can handle the newest gadgets tomorrow morning when your boss shows up to work with one. Let us take the edge off the techie topic of mac administration and cover the things you need to know in a way everyone, from the noob to the super geek, will find entertaining and valuable.

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