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We are entrepreneurs that work in the OS X trenches every day.  Over the years we have supported thousands of Apple computers by maintaining software versions, OS versions, system configurations, enterprise system integration, and much much more.  We want to leverage our combined skill set to help train and support you.

We have administered thousands of OS X computers and overcome common challenges involved with maintaining Apple computers in a business environment. So we are in a unique position to help you overcome the challenges presented by Macintosh computers in a business environment.  Challenges like software management, system automation, remote support, system repair, to name a few.


Apple and Business?

Because we have been managing Apple computers in the business environment for years now we know it works, and works well.  As applications move into the cloud, onto iPads and iPhones, and become accessible in Apples app store, more and more business is being done on the Apple platform. Maintaining, managing, and administering is now posing challenges to IT professionals not familiar to Macintosh computers.  Managing Macs are different then managing Windows computers, no doubt, but we are here to help with bridging that knowledge gap.


Conquer Apple System Administration

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The unix underpinnings of OS X make the Mac a powerful multi-user and business platform.  When you know where to look and how to leverage this power the Mac becomes an efficient, effective, user-friendly platform that can really streamline your business.  Are you introducing Apple Devices into your current business environment, or introducing Windows AD into your Apple environment, or maybe just looking to scale your fleet of Apple computers?  We can help you make it happen.