Boot Into Target Disk Mode With Firmware Password Enabled

I was just informed today of a simple solution to a problem I’ve been working around.  If your Mac has a firmware password and you want to boot into Target Disk Mode you can’t just hold down “T” while the computer boots.  It won’t prompt for a password or anything.  To get around this I’ve been booting into systems, removing the firmware password, then booting into target disk mode.  Well there is a much simpler way to do this.

  1. Hold “Option” while computer is booting
  2. Enter firmware password when prompted
  3. When you see the local hard drive listed hit “t”
  4. Congrats, your now in target disk mode.

This may have been obvious to many but it never crossed my mind, nor had I ran into this documented anywhere. I just had a friend let me know they tried and it worked.  So, I’m posting this for anyone else out there that is searching for how to “Boot into target disk mode firmware password”.  The web is oddly silent on this simple method.

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