Importing App Store apps to Munki

Importing applications from the Apple App Store into Munki couldn’t be easier. Munki does all the work and asks all the right questions. The Munki import feature helps keep us Mac Admins organized. It In this example, we will download the free FLAC MP3 converter. For more documentation on this process check out

Mount your Munki repository

First thing, you must mount the Munki repo that you have already built. Don’t have one? Check out

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 1.08.23 PM

Open the Terminal

Start typing the following command but do not hit enter:

 Drag and drop

From there you an drag and drop the Application you wish to import directly into the Terminal window next to munkiimport. (dragging and dropping an item in terminal is quick shortcut to fill in the fully path of an item).Make sure that you have a space to separate munkiimport and the application. If done correctly, the command would like this one below:

 Create the Disk image

3. Hit Enter and you will observe Munki creating a disk image automatically of the Application. It will then prompt for the name of the file. It usually assume the name of the item. If you would like it to be named different, type it in and hit enter.

 Answer Questions, import app

4. Munki will keep asking questions about the pkg, but tries to fill in as much as it can for you. It will prompt you one question at a time. If you are satisfied with the answer that is pre-filled, just hit enter. Otherwise type in something different and hit enter. Below is how I filled out the questions. Keep in mind if I left the answer blank, I was happy with the default answer.

Tell Munki where to store the app

Once imported, Munki will ask where you would like to store this item in your Munki Repository. In the example below, I want it to go in my apps folder, in a folder call flaccmp3converter. Munki then prompts me that this directory has not been created yet, would I like to create it? I then say yes, and then answer yes to create a product icon.

Rebuild Catalogs

Finally Munki asks if you would like to rebuild catalogs. We will say yes

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