How to configure munkiimport

munkiimport  is a command line feature of Munki that allows the import of packages into the Munki repository through the command line. In order fto configure this feature, you must have already created a Munki Repository. For more documentation on that process, check out

 Mount the Munki Repository

Once you have configured your Munki repository. You must use Connect to Server to mount the repository using hotkey (⌘+K)


Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 1.08.23 PM


In the command line

Open a new Terminal window and enter the following command

munkiimport --config



 Answer the questions

First question to asked is the path to the Mount point of the Munki repo. For this example we will say /Volumes/munki_repo_example




You’re ready to munkiimport

Check out our article on import an app from the App Store.

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