Get a List of Applications on Your Machine with Active Network Connections

There is a simple way to get a list of applications that have active network connections on your computer and the associated TCP/UDP ports, remote host information, etc.  To do this you can issue the command:

This will return a list of process names, process ID’s, user account the process is running under, TCP/UDP, local IP and port, remote IP and port.  This is really useful to see what applications are talking on what ports on your system.

Interested In A Free Installer?

Our custom Wifi On/Off script has been a popular post!
This script automatically turns off the wireless interface on a computer when it is connected to a wired network, and turn the wireless interface back on when it is disconnected from the wired network.
This script has two main benefits:
  1. Network connection failover
  2. Eliminates unnecessary wireless traffic, and Multi-homed computers.
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