Optimizing energy settings with PMSET command.

When you are managing a few thousand machines, optimizing energy settings translates to saving dollars very quickly. An iMac in sleep mode is using substantially less electricity than when in normal use. Computers running for hours on end also translate to more hardware failures. PMSET commands can completely customize how your client machines behave.

The following script allows machines to sleep at 7pm and wake up at 7am Monday through Friday, on Saturday and Sunday the machines will sleep only and not wake, an after 60 minutes of inactivity displays will go to sleep. I also included the wake on ethernet command to ensure that computers could be woken up via Apple Remote Desktop. After studying our users habits, these settings best fit our environment.

These settings could be pushed out via a software management tool such as Apple Remote Desktop, Munki, or Filewave. This script only needs to be executed once to update these settings.

Studying the habits of your users will most likely reveal holes of inactivity. You can use this info to finely tune your own script or  by modifying the one above. This is a great way to show cost savings by conserving energy while extending the life of your hardware.

Interested In A Free Installer?

Our custom Wifi On/Off script has been a popular post!
This script automatically turns off the wireless interface on a computer when it is connected to a wired network, and turn the wireless interface back on when it is disconnected from the wired network.
This script has two main benefits:
  1. Network connection failover
  2. Eliminates unnecessary wireless traffic, and Multi-homed computers.
We are now offering a pkg installer for this script to anyone that signs up for our mailing list.