GT 005: DeployStudio Place and Function

DeployStudio is an very useful and powerful tool for Mac Administration.  You can use it to network boot systems and run automated sequences (called workflows).  Deploy can be used to re-install an OS on you Mac, partition the hard-drive, install software, and more.  Just a few years ago everyone seemed to be using DeployStudio to install a “thick image” (thick image = an image with pre-installed software and reconfigured with the settings you wanted your systems to have).   Today, we do imageless or thin images rather then the old monolithic image.

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In This Episode

Adam, Jeff, and Ryan talk about DeployStudios place in this new world of imageless imaging.  We talk about how we still use DeployStudio and why we feel it is still an important tool for Mac administration.  Covering things like:

  • Using tools like AutoDMG to create “thin images”
  • What systems can (and should) you set DeployStudio up on
  • What hardware should you create a “boot loader” on so it will boot all your Mac’s
  • How do you configure your network to netboot across multiple subnets
  • Talk about how Netbooting and DHCP work


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Have you used something other then DeployStudio?  Or have you used DeployStudio in a different way?  We would love to hear your feedback.  Drop us a line in the comments!

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