GT 004: iCloud iOS Recovery Issues

Managing iOS in the enterprise is still a bit of a pain and Apples attempts at increasing security for these iOS devices isn’t helping with that.  Apple is focused on the consumer market and the iCloud security measures they have put in place recently are great for that market, but it can create interesting and unforeseen problems for any business trying to manage multiple iOS devices.  Once an iOS device is bound to iCloud you can’t wipe or restore that device without the iCloud account credentials that were bound to that device.  This is a cool concept that will probably really help with cell phone theft, but it is a total pain for enterprises managing hundreds of iOS devices.

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In This Episode

In this episode Adam walks us through a situation he had recently when recovering an iOS device since Apples iCloud security updates to iOS 7.  Adam talks to Ryan about potential issues and the process Adam used to overcome the lockout issue.

Leave suggestions in the comments if you have any suggested solutions.  We would love to know if you have run into this issue yet and to hear about how you have overcome it.

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