GT 002: Munki vs Filewave vs Casper

MunkivsFilewavevsCasperAdam and Ryan talk about their evaluation of our software management systems (Munki vs Filewave vs Casper) and why they decided to move to the open source Munki rather then one of the commercial offerings from Filewave or Casper.  Hitting on each solutions strengths and weaknesses and when you should go with one solution or the other.

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In This Episode

I think the easiest way to break down this discussion is to just list the pro/con analysis of each solution.  So here we go:


  • The Munki Website
  • Has a steep learning curve.
    • You will need to open the terminal, but it isn’t that bad…
  • Tool overwhelm.
    • The how to use documentation for Munki is pretty good.  I do feel, however, the what and when to use documentation for the various Munki tools was lacking some.
  • Framework is simple and has few moving parts
  • Mac computers only (OS X only)
  • Pre-flight and Post-flight scripting is really useful
  • Allows dependencies of packages
  • Handles version control really well. It uses catalogs and allows you to roll out updates very easily.
  • Interacts with lots of other open source apps.


  • The Filewave Website
  • Filewave had a lot going on in the background. Felt like we had to rely on support a little too often.
  • Server side has lots going on and you are a little removed from what is actually happening.
  • Smartgroups were a pretty cool feature.
  • Multiplatform (Windows and Mac computers)
  • Lacking dependencies for “filesets”.
  • No version control. New versions of software are just new file sets.  They aren’t linked to previous versions in any way.


  • The Casper Suite Website
  • Mac systems only (OS X and iOS [sort of])
  • Was too expensive for our environment. We hear it is awesome, but just can’t afford it so neither of us put time into evaluating it.
  • Jamf does have a really good community and wiki covering system administration.
  • Sorry, We don’t really have anything else to say on Casper.


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